Cheerleader Wars- The Complete Big Ten Rankings


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I think the Big Ten Cheerleader Squads are a lot like Big Ten Football.  You keep hearing a lot about them.  But when they’re forced to compete against teams from other conferences, it looks ugly.  I’m not sure I have a lot of hope for the Big Ten in the national tournament.  But here are the final rankings for the Grand Old Conference anyway.

12. Northwestern- These girls are going to go on and do great things on their own merit.  Honestly I’m not even sure why they bother with cheerleading.

11. Minnesota- Pretty soon they’re just going to shut down Minnesota’s athletic program right?  Do they even try anymore?

10. Ohio State- See the men across the field.  Tell them Ohio State’s cheerleaders are wildly disappointing.

9. Michigan- Hail, Hail to Michigan but their Cheer Squad isn’t better than 9th.

8. Wisconsin- The Grand Ol’ Badger State comes in at number eight.

7. Nebraska- I’m still confused as to whether I should be disappointed that they aren’t better or impressed that they’ve gotten what they have.

6. Illinois- That group out of the Leaders that was four, three, two, well they’re all coming together again right here.

5. Penn St.- Like I said, for a state you never think of as sexy, they did mighty fine.

4. Indiana- I see those wholesome IU uniforms and “I want to do bad things to you.”

3. Purdue- The Boilermakers owned the Leaders, no doubt, but the top two from the legends are just better.

2. Michigan St.- Part of me still wants to make Sparty number one.  But I’m…

1. Iowa- Going to keep the Hawkeyes here and wonder what is going on with the glories of Iowa.