The Big XII Cheerleader Rankings…


Well if you’re going to have a summer long tournament to determine the hottest cheerleading squad in the nation, I suppose you’re forced to look at more than one conference.  So after ranking the Pac-12 last week, we’ll do the Big XII today, the SEC the rest of this week and the Big 10 next week.

To look at the Big XII, I turned to a Big XII fan and friend to give me his rankings and then, I’ll look myself.  Sounds fair… Right?

Anyway here are my rankings based on a criteria I can’t really define.

10. Texas- Ok I can see you’re freaking out already.  But listen.  This is Texas, they have all the advantages, more money than God and access to all the best.  Plus their outfits are fantastic.  But with all of that, you kind of look at them and go meh.  When you’re Texas you have no excuse for putting together a meh squad.

9. Texas Tech- Like everything about Texas Tech, nothing special.

8. Kansas- Kind of the Texas Theory.  They are a big school near the big city and should do better.  Then go to the bottom of this list and look at Kansas St. and tell me Kansas shouldn’t be ashamed.

7. West Virginia- I don’t know what I was expecting out of West Virginia.  But it’s pleasant enough and I suspect they are being all the West Virginia they can be.

6. Oklahoma St.- This squad disappoints me as well.  Oregon is using Phil Knights money to be all they can be, this squad is simply misusing T. Boone Pickens money.

5. Oklahoma- Ok as my friend pointed out, there is kind of a generic Okie look that these girls have before they all finish college make their hair big and wear lots of turquoise jewelry.  And while I don’t hate them it’s not enough to get them into the final four.

4. Iowa St.- Now I’m as stunned as anyone at the top four of the Big XII.  Starting with Iowa St., it says a lot for corn-fed gals in wide open spaces living good Christian Lives.

3. Kansas St.- These girls in the Little Apple should rightly be called women.

2. Baylor- Whatever you’re doing under the Baylor Bubble, keep doing it. Because…. Yeah….

1. TCU- It’s shocking to believe this squad was a non-BCS squad just a couple of years ago.And it’s really shows Utah that we should be doing better.  This really kind of makes me want to be a Texas Christian.