My 1000th Post


This is my 1000th post here at Hoyo’s Revenge.  I have to say that’s pretty cool.

I started this blog mostly because everyone else had a blog and I felt left out.  I also enjoy writing about the Utes and I thought that some of you just might enjoy hearing someone give an opinion that was somewhere between the pollyanna all is well talk and the hysterical end is nigh talk that seems to make up much of the Ute coverage out there.

Many of you seem to be voting with your clicks that what I do here is worthwhile and so for those of you who do read and let others know about this blog, I thank you.

I’ve covered three football and basketball seasons as a blogger now.  Here are the records of the seasons I’ve seen.


  • 2011 8-5
  • 2012 5-7
  • 2013 5-7


  • 2011-12 6-25
  • 2012-13 15-18
  • 2013-14 21-12

If you’re playing along at home, that is an 18-19 record for football with one bowl game, a win over Georgia Tech.  The basketball team has gone 42-55 in that era with one post season game, a loss to St. Mary’s.

So you can see I had awesome timing starting this blog, I got to miss out on ever minute of the joining the Pac-12 euphoria while being here to document the reality.  I fully believe we’ve turned a corner in both sports however, and you’ll get to see me talk about it all off-season.

If you’re curious, the most views of a post I’ve ever had was the copy and link to the Google cache of the deleted Cougarboard post about Spencer Hadley.  One of you supplied me with that cache link (Portland, was it you?), and I thank you.  When the story broke I posted it as a joke, not believing it was possible, but enjoying the hilarity of the idea.  When the pictures surfaced and I was one of the early posters of the text of what was supposedly going on, well it exploded and was a crazy few days.

My next biggest post was making fun of AJ McCarron.  This one drew attention from angry Alabama fans.

I suppose the great lesson could be, if you want a blog to have lots of hits, make one that makes fun of Alabama and BYU.  Which is half of the recipe that got Clay Travis onto Fox Sports, so I guess you shouldn’t knock it.

From my mock interviews of Lane Kiffin to the vitriolic hatred I’ve received for my basketball opinions, I’ve mostly enjoyed this blogging thing and look forward to continuing.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my Wyoming brother Raider Ute, now writing here under the nom de plume, Zap Rowsdower, for his excellent contributions.  Working with him is the most fun I have here.

So again, thank you for those of you who bother to read me everyday.  I hope to see you in a 1000 more posts, and that both our major sports teams have winning records over that period…

A Guy Can Dream.