I Hate A.J. McCarron


"Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,Wake up the echoes cheering her name,Send a volley cheer on high,Shake down the thunder from the sky.What though the odds be great or smallOld Notre Dame will win over all,While her loyal sons are marchingOnward to victory."

Ok we here at Hoyo’s Revenge are making no secret that we are BIG NOTRE DAME FANS.  Mostly because Bama Fan is running his mouth similar to when they ran their mouth before the Sugar Bowl against Utah.  Then after Roll damn Tide got curb stomped, Bama Fan played the, “We just didn’t want to be IN THE SUGAR BOWL card.”

But I digress.

Today I am hear to speak of the white hot hatred we should all feel for AJ McCarron.  I mean first he plays for Bama and has that stupid hair cut which I guess is the state hair cut of Alabama.  And now there is this stupid tattoo.  The tattoo looks like someone asked a bad art student to make a visual interpretation of the love making of Bear Bryant and a Televangelist after they decided to admit their love affair, move to Washington State get married and open a B&B.

And next year we’re going to be subjected to a McCarron Heisman campaign because you know, he threw a screen pass against LSU.

Essentially everything about Alabama is wrong.  And if you’re cheering for them over Notre Dame, you are a bad person.

And you don’t want to be a bad person do you.