Utah Football: First Wilson and now Booker


It seems like a few good things are finally happening for Utah Football.  Last night and today we told you about the return of Travis Wilson via this link and this link.  And now a little bit more.

JC Running Back Devontae Booker has been cleared to be both admitted at Utah and play football.  He starts classes tomorrow and will be available for spring football.

If you don’t know the story about what happened with Booker, you can read it here.

Essentially he started at Wazzu but didn’t take his entrance exam on time and hadn’t take a proper math class.  He went to a JC where he and an employee tried to forge his transcript to give him the proper class, but were caught.  It appeared that he would be able to join the Utes after that was resolved but then something else raised it’s head that I’m unclear about.

It seemed as if he would never be a Ute.

But today it seems all that is cleared and Utah has itself one fine RUNNING BACK.

It seems like things for Utah Football are starting to come up….. ROSES?