Utah Football: Guess Who’s Back…


"Nov 9, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes quarterback Travis Wilson (7) throws the ball down the field in the game against the Arizona State Sun Devils during the first quarter at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY SportsGuess Who’s BackBack AgainWilson’s backTell A Friend"

Let me again start by wishing the best for Moana Ofahengaue.  He’s in great hands at the U of U Medical Center so lets just send our good thoughts and prayers to him.

But last night we did receive the good news that Travis Wilson has been cleared for non-contact spring drills.  Assuming everything stays stable on the scan in July, the Bulldog is back at QB and that is great news.  And its almost certain that he will be cleared.

I want to dispel a couple of myths here.  The first is that somehow Travis has another hurdle to clear.  He really doesn’t.  No one has given a report on what is actually going on.  But as I’ve done through all of this here is likely what happened.  The original MRI-Angiogram likely showed that the condition/injury was stable, but there had been bleeding.  That is why they didn’t both rush Travis to surgery to fix the problem or rule out that he could possibly return.

The scan that just happened confirmed that the condition was stable.  That means it would be shocking to find out in scans in July that the area is unstable.  Again this is all just likely what is going on as they haven’t been exactly forthcoming with injury information.

Travis when he was healthy was a hell of a QB.  Combine him with a guy like Dave Christensen and I think the Utes can make a real leap if we can stay healthy.

Next, don’t start the the U has a ton of liability if they let him play.  Utah doesn’t as long as they didn’t pressure doctors to give them this diagnosis.  The liability would be on the doctors.  The doctors are also fine unless there was some kind of negligence in performance of the tests or reading the scans.  Since I sincerely doubt any of this is an issue, lets move on from this argument.

Finally, I want to toot my own horn for a second.  If you follow this blog, you knew or at least were told that there was a greater chance of him returning than not.  That’s because I spoke to someone with medical training about what could be going on.  There we’re some people out there who told me I was wrong and they knew better, people in the know.  So I’m subblogging here and yeah it feels good.

But the best thing is not only is Travis healthy but he’s going to play again.

Welcome back Bulldog and get well Moana.