Utah Football v. Basketball- The Expectations Game


Since it’s nearly July, it’s about time for me to start trashing on the basketball program again.  Why just this morning I wrote an article questioning Larry’s recruiting.  So I thought I would pose the question, why are so many people so high on the basketball program and so low on the Football program?

And don’t worry, I’ll go back to posting pictures of cheerleaders tomorrow.

As Mi Amigo has been pointing out over at Block U, the national folks don’t think much of our football program right now.  But I chalk a lot of that up to feeling burned after picking us so high last season.  You’re going to take your scorn out on the team who broke your heart and made you look foolish.  I’ve written about how I think their opinion is wrong, and if you look at what was wrong last year, what we improved on coming into this year, we’re going to be pretty good.

However, more than a few Utah fans feel the same way.

Then I look at basketball and all I see is rah rah go team go.  I mean I get part of it, you don’t get access by writing negative things at Utah.  And if you even begin to question the work Larry has done or is doing, the hypersensitive lapdogs come out of the woodwork to shout you down.

But Utah fans are positive about Ute basketball based on a win streak that happened largely because DeWayne Dedmon was suspended and teams with their ticket punched like Cal don’t play hard in conference tournaments (and before you start on me about this, think back to when Majerus was our coach and all we did was rail on those tourneys).

Even the coaches, we’re starting to turn on Kyle Whittingham who DC’ed us to one BCS bowl and HC’ed us to another and we’re putting all of our faith in Larry Krystkowiak, whose biggest coaching accomplishment remains beating Nevada.

I guess that is just the way of fandom, but heading into this season, the general feelings of our fans sure feels… ODD