So Utah Football… What’s Going to Happen There?


Through Utah Football’s spring practice and during my time away, I kept hearing a familiar refrain, that there isn’t a whole lotta belief in Utah Football right now.  And frankly I don’t get it.

Of course I’m rarely swimming the same direction as many of our and I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  People benefit from hearing different viewpoints.

When I look at Utah Football, I see a team with true potential to do something.

Now I know you’re calling me stupid as you often do at this point, but hear me out and at least tell me if you aren’t going to think about some things.

1. Last year everything went wrong.  Here is an important lesson, you can prepare and practice and all kinds of stuff, but sometimes things just happen.  It started with some JC linemen we were counting on being hurt.  Then Brian Blechen draws his suspension.  John White tweaks and ankle and finally Jordan Wynn’s shoulder explodes for the last time.  And that’s just the low lights.  My point here is, we took far more than an average amount of crap falling on us.

2. We worked on the things we could control.  O-line a horrible weakness, is now an area of strength.  We have capable QB’s and more than one of them.  And the defense is getting more athletic.  And the biggest move was Dennis Erickson.  Now I’ll argue all day and night that Brian Johnson did alright under the situation.  I know a whole lot of guys who play a lot of X-Box and once coached little league disagree.  But I’ll still ask, when you don’t have a QB you can count on, your O-line is bad and your RB is hurt, what play do you call. But we found a way to get better, brought in Dennis Erickson and moved forward.

3. Things just weren’t that far away.  Yeah I know we didn’t close the deal.  But we had a team that couldn’t gain yards, struggled to stop people and didn’t really get turnovers.  Yet our only real blow out was at Arizona St.  We struggled at Washington but also played solid games against USC, UCLA, Oregon St. and Arizona, flip any one of them and we go bowling.

I simply think when you add that all up and believe that more is going to swing our way this year than last, it adds up to a being much more than a 4-5 win team.

In fact I’ll do two things right now.

1. We’ll win at least 7 games, likely 8 and if a lot goes our way 9 or 10.

2. If you want an upset special right now, Utah over Stanford.  Stanford is a team we’re going to have good match-ups with, they haven’t seen us and they won’t think much of us.

Write it down people, I’m BULLISH on Utah Football.