The Cheerleader Wars- Ranking the Pac-12 South…


First, if you didn’t see the Pac-12 North Rankings, well there is the link…

Second, I need a name for this thing, I don’t like Cheerleader Wars, rankings is boring so if you have a suggestion, let me know.

Third, the Pac-12 South is a tough one, with four quality programs and even the two bad ones are really battling it out for being the worst.  This was much tougher than the north.

Finally, later today or tomorrow I’ll put the Pac-12 rankings together, which I think is essentially figuring our where Oregon fits among the best of the South.  But you aren’t hear to read my drivel, let’s look at some cheerleaders.

6. Colorado- Colorado ended up in sixth place for the same reason Washington did yesterday.  They’ve been a BCS school for so long and should be doing a WHOLE LOT BETTER.  Instead they just aren’t even giving me anything to work with.  And then I saw that Colorado St. actually has a hotter squad, well that just isn’t acceptable at all.

5. Utah- And yes Ute fans we should all hang our heads in shame over this as I think we can and should do much better.  Now I haven’t looked at Utah St.’s squad but I worry that like CSU, the Maids-A-Milking might just look better than us.  Make no mistake, just because I rank us fifth in no way means are we close to the top four, or most of the north either.

4. Arizona- And here is where it gets tough.  One other thing I swore about these rankings, no ties, I’m making decisions and letting the chips fall where they may.  Nothing wrong with the Lady Cats, it’s just there are three world class squads in this division.  And unlike the state school north of Tucson, these girls know how to read

3. UCLA- Ok, someone had to be third.  And I can’t really defend it too far except to say, these girls are probably the smartest of the top three schools and they’ll end up getting law degrees before marrying some rich guy.

2.  Arizona St.- Look I have an irrational hatred of Arizona St.  And I have a mountain of jokes about these girls being professionals of a different sort, but you have to give credit where credit is due.  Honestly there is so much talent on the ASU campus, I wonder how many cheer squads they could put together before one was actually less hot than Utah or Colorado.  Hats off to you for that at least Arizona St.

1. USC- Looks you kids who’ve grown up with internet porn at your fingertips and football on every channel don’t understand how important the Song Girls are.  Back in the day, only USC was on TV and the only cheerleaders you saw were Song Girls.  Let’s just say there are millions of boys who owe these girls a debt of gratitude for giving them certain feelings for the first time.  And not only do they have the tradition, they still hold up.  Thank You USC.