Cheerleader Rankings- The Pac-12 North


I’m starting a new series where I’m going to determine the best looking cheerleader squad.  I’m going to do it by looking at the BCS conferences, (well not the Big East or whatever it is now) and other schools that people nominate.  Today we’ll start with the Pac-12 North and move onto the Pac-12 South tomorrow.  Let me preface this with two things…

1. This is completely sexist.

2. When they stop having Cheerleaders dress attractive and cheer at football games, well I’ll stop looking at them like this.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

With that being said, here are the rankings for the Pac 12 North.

6. Washington- Now Washington is a prime example of how this hotness criteria is not truly definable and it my mind it comes down to a gut feeling.  Ranking Washington dead last doesn’t mean their cheerleaders are worse looking than Stanford, it’s just that I expect more out of Washington.  Its a big school in a big city.  And yet when the Mandi column is written here in the fall, do you know how hard it is to find pictures of attractive UW women.  The Huskies need a better effort.

5. Stanford- Yeah maybe they aren’t the hottest, but these girls are geniuses and will giving all of you orders one day, so I’m not going to run my mouth here.

4. Cal- See here is where I reward Cal.  Again, smart girls, they’re all going to be doctors probably.  Their athletic department doesn’t really try to win, yet this is a solid and diverse group which is very attractive.  I think Cal is being all the Cal they can be.

3. Washington St.- And here is where Wazzu is kicking Washington’s butt.  Wazzu is in the middle of nowhere.  Why anyone on earth who doesn’t want to live on a farm goes to school there baffles me.  Yet here they are turning out a totally respectable squad.  Again shame on you Washington.

2. Oregon St.- And don’t you have to feel for the Beavers.  The second hottest squad in the division and not even the hottest squad in their own state.  This must just be what it’s like to be Oregon St.

1. Oregon- And didn’t we all see this coming.  20 years ago no one would have seen this but Uncle Phil Knight and his money have recruited more than just athletes.  I don’t know where they find these girls, I don’t think its from the state of Oregon, but the Ducks are doin’ work and God Bless ‘Em for it.