MARCH MADNESS: Utah Utes Survive Against USC Trojans


Look at that, I pick the Utah Utes to win a basketball game and they go out and do just that.  SO YAY ME.

If you want proof, here it is.

First we have to thank Jared Dubois.  Dubois has missed A LOT of important shots this year.  But tonight he came out and took the Utes on his back and took us home.  22 points including 2 of 3 from three.  So thank you very much Mr. Dubois.

Second we have to make fun of USC and not just for one thing.  First, how do they not go to Omar Oraby all night long.  Omar was 8-11 for 18 points and 10 boards.  And he didn’t look like he was fatigued.  Instead USC just kept jacking up the outside shots.  So instead of going to the guy who shot nearly 80% and whom Utah had NO ANSWER for, they decided to shoot 40% and go 2-15 from three.

Also, thank you Bob Cantu for showing you don’t want that USC job full time.  How on earth you didn’t foul down three with 40 seconds left, well it’s inexplicable.  Didn’t anyone give you the memo that we’re Utah and we so love to give games like this away?

But in the end, Utah survives and advances, probably to be raped by Cal.  But this team has to celebrate any success it gets.