March Madness- Pac-12 Award Thoughts and Tournament Predictions


By and large I don’t have a many real problems with the Pac-12 awards.  Crabbe was probably the best choice for player of the year and who can really argue with Dana Altman as coach of the year.  But the one glaring omission has to be Jordan Loveridge from the all Freshman team.  I mean I can even see an argument where he doesn’t make the first team, but how is he not AT LEAST honorable mention.  It only took three votes to make someone an all Freshman Honorable Mention.

Just to point something out, Caleb Tarczewski from Arizona was Honorable Mention.  Tarczewski averaged 6.6 PPG and 5.9 RPG.  As compared to…

Jordan Loveridge 11.9 PPG 6.9 RPG.

You’re kidding me with this, right Pac-12 coaches?

Now on to the Pac-12 Tournament.

I thought I’d go ahead and pick the first round for you kids and we’ll see how it goes.

#8 Stanford vs #9 Arizona St.

We can call this the coaches who will be on the hot seat next year game.  ASU started fast and faded, Stanford started middling and middled.  Their only matchup this year was a close win for Stanford.  I think Stanford gets it done here over the freshman Jahii Carson

#5 Colorado vs #12 Oregon St.

We kind of need to throw out the results of the final weekend.  CU, Utah and OSU won five games that weekend after winning seven conference games all year.  Colorado isn’t dropping back to back games to the Beavers.  The First Brother in Law will keep his job but only because he has so many years left.  Better win next year Craig.

#7 USC vs #10 Utah

Ok, I’m not buying the Utah is on a roll thing that so many of you want to sell.  See Colorado v OSU for the explanation.  Now while I think the Oregon game was a bit of a fluke, was isn’t a fluke is USC losing Dewayne Dedmon to suspension.  Dedmon owned Utah in their only matchup this year.  So what is a boy to do?  For one night and one night only, I’m going to believe in Larry and believe we’ll pull this upset over a team in turmoil.

#6 Washington vs #11 Washington St.

Ok so I’m going to contradict myself here, I said we should throw out the results for that last weekend, and we should.  But the Wazzu sweep aside, they did play Washington close the last time they played.  And you know who I don’t trust  Lorenzo Romar to get his team ready for this.  I’m picking Wazzu in the upset.