Utah Hoops: Fun facts about Ute Hoops That Are Driving Me Crazy


One of the great stories of the Larry-ites is how we’re now SO MUCH more competitive in games than the previous two coaches.  Here is a little something from Ray Giacolletti’s last season.  You know the year with supposed player mutinies and telling Giac to go to hell in the huddle and Giac having a breakdown.  Here is a fun little fact.  Utah had NINE LOSSES BY SIX OR FEWER POINTS.   Not to mention three  more we’re with 10 points.

In Jim Boylen’s 3rd season with Marshall Henderson, Carlon Brown and Luca Drca all hating each other,  10 Losses by Seven Or Fewer Points.  In Boylen’s 4th year, we had another seven losses with 10 points.

I realize the Larry-ites don’t enjoy facts, but we’ve fired two previous coaches whom you all said were the worst coaches on the planet and they both played as many close games as Larry seems to be.  And I honestly wonder if either of them blew double digit leads at home to the likes of Sacramento St. and Cal State Northridge.

Which brings me back to the point I made after the USC game.  There isn’t a measurable category that shows Larry is the guy for the job or even close to better than our previous coaches.  And there is a whole lot showing that this is a mess.  Fourteen games and a season to get it right.  It’s that simple.