Utah Basketball: Ok This Was Just a Load of Crap


Ok so I just watched the Broncos crap the bed and I’m not in a good mood anyway, so maybe tomorrow I’ll feel different.  But this was crap.

USC had lost 14 straight on the road.  They’ve been hit and miss at best this year.  Utah to be taken seriously AT ALL has to beat the crap teams at home.  USC has been the crappiest (I guess unless you’re including us).  So here is the body of work we have so far.  Six wins last year which might have been over achieving, who knows.  This year we have one good win, Boise, after Majerus died, a split with a not very good SMU team and a bunch of losses.  Yeah some have been close but so freaking what.  At some point don’t you have to win basketball games.  At least games you should win against shitty teams at home?

So here is my thought, we have 14 games left this season minus the Pac-12 tourney.  Unless we see some serious progress from right here right now, which evolves into a NCAA bubble/NIT run next year, don’t we know all about Larry Krystkowiak we need to know.  Isn’t three years enough to give anyone to at least be close to competitive?  I mean I’m not talking about Pac-12 titles here I’m talking the NIT.

Otherwise aren’t we clearly going a direction that will keep us firmly rooted in the bottom 1/3 of the Pac-12.  So Larry, you’ve got a season and 14 games in my mind to prove it.  Otherwise we go and pay for a coach people have heard of who can get talent.

I don’t think this is unreasonable.