Utah Basketball: What the Hell Am I Suppose to Think…


Forgive me for taking some time on this but between the plague which is sweeping through my home, having actual work and just being purely emotionally drained.

On one hand people are yelling at me to celebrate all of these close losses.

On the other we’re a home loss to USC from this season essentially being a disaster.

I think I need to stop caring because this team lures me in and then I get kicked in the balls.  And because I don’t have the magical faith in all of this that many of you do, the kick hurts just this much more.

So here is what I’m going to do, instead of bitching, I’m going to offer solutions and you can comment as you will.

Last week I said that we’re running an offense that is meant for us to not get blown out.  Larry’s idea is that he wants to keep things close and steal one, or hope that we get a big lead and hold on.  But I think we can all say safely, that isn’t working.  In fact I think it’s guaranteeing these close losses because we spend all game running clock and then expect to run awesome offense late.  I think it’s a poor recipe.

So how about we open it up.

Now I get that if we force the action there is danger.  But there is also the possibility of winning some of these games.  I think we have some guys who could get out a little bit, attack some, instead we’re as close to running the four corners as humanly possible.  At some point we need to put the ball in the hoop.

Next suggestion.  MORE JEREMY OLSEN

Every time this kid steps on the floor all he does is prove he should be on the floor more.  How much more proof do we need that Bachynski isn’t ready for teams he can’t physically dominate and that Lenz is just really terrible.  Olsen has paid he penance for having been associated with Jim Boylen, so lets forgive who recruited him and let him on the floor.

Now if we do this we might lose by 9 instead of by 2, but we just might win as well.