my opinion about Jared Dubois.  Then yesterday I gave a review about what my opinion about Jared Dubois.  Then yesterday I gave a review about what

Utah Basketball: And Now What Frustrates Me (LACK OF OOO-FENSE)


After the game I voiced my opinion about Jared Dubois.  Then yesterday I gave a review about what I liked and disliked about the team.

Now I’m going to talk about what frustrates me, and I have no doubt this will be the most controversial point.  When I watch the Utes, it feels like the primary goal is to not get blown out.  And then Jordan Loveridge said something in today’s paper.

"“We have to get better on offense, but coach is really stressing defense.”  -Jordan Loveridge"

Now I know every Utah boy gets a hard-on for defense and inbounds plays in their belief that if they execute just well enough, they too can beat South Bend Central.  But even Majerus, whom I don’t think there was a better defensive mind in college basketball ever, knew that sometimes you have to put the ball in the hole.

Now I get why we did what we did last year, because we were extra horrible and unless we shortened the game and made it ugly, we were going to lose by 100.  But this year we’re supposed to have basketball players.

So why aren’t we trying to on occasion get baskets.  Larry wondered why we’re struggling to execute down the stretch, well its because we spend the first 36 minutes holding the ball for 20 seconds before looking for a shot, then we fly back to stop a break.  And that works to keep you close to teams.  The thing is it works to keep you close to good teams and bad.  It’s why we’re capable of blowing leads to Northridge if they get hot or staying close to Arizona if they’re flat.

In short it kind of feels like PR instead of trying to win basketball games.

If we really are back, then lets try and win some games.  Lets get better on offense.  But if we’re going to take an entire season of holding the ball and 30 second possessions and hoping one of Jared Dubois’ wild threes drops, well, that isn’t even close to being back.  And if that’s the case, wake me next fall when our next edition of this team is clearly back takes the court.