Utes Basketball: What does Jared Dubois have on Larry?


There are a lot of nice things that I want to say about the Utes right now.  Or did want to say right up until I saw a load of douchebags pre-bitching about what I was going to say.  So I’ll cool off and tomorrow, I’ll say many of those nice things.

Right now my question is this, Larry, why do you make start to believe only to put the ball in Jared Dubois’ hands.  I mean how many game winners does Dubois have to miss before maybe we try to get guys with hot hands a touch at the end.  Washburn and Loveridge had 34 points total and Loveridge was 3-5 from three.

How don’t you get them a touch, somehow?

I promise I’ll say nice things tomorrow, but damnit, it would be nice to win one of these games.  And nothing that happened today makes me think we’ve suddenly turned a corner.

But mostly I want DuBois to stop shooting in the clutch.