Utah Football: Upon Further Evaluation…


Having taking a look at the stats and some highlights, I think the final word on the UNC game is…

First a quick note about Northern Colorado.  No that isn’t a good team.  But I thought they played hard and gave a good effort.  And in these types of games, that is about all you can ask from a school like UNC.  I might keep an eye on the Big Sky, see if UNC is improved at all.

Outside of the kicking game and the slow start, there isn’t much to be unhappy with. Sure the offensive line needs a bit more cohesiveness, and that will come with playing time, and we haven’t seen Wynn really air it out, although he did throw a nice ball that the receiver kind of let up on, everything else is very workman like.

Some examples…

– We had nine receivers catch the ball.

– Nearly 40 minutes of possession.

– Wynn had a QB rating of 149.6.

– John White IV goes for 120 and a score

– UNC’s offense never crossed midfield.

– Sean Sellwood had a 60 yard punt and averaged 52.5 overall.

Now that doesn’t mean what I wrote this morning about Coleman Petersen is any less concerning.

At the end of the day I think we all have to be generally pleased about where this team is.  Next week we’ll get tested a bit more but against a team we should really handle.  I would expect a similar result, although I suspect the Utah St. offense may actually pass midfield.

As of right now, I would say the best thing to say about Utah is that the team is who we thought they were.

Now bring on the Aggies.