Utah Football: Something Has To Change In The Kicking Game


I was generally pleased with the game last night and I would think most Ute fans have to be.  Wynn looked good to all but those determined to hate him.  Brian Johnson had to have passed every test for his first game as OC.  The defense never let UNC cross mid-field, something really amazing.

But the one glaring failure, the FG and PAT unit.  Namely Coleman Petersen.

Now I don’t like to call out college kids unless they do something really stupid or moronic.  And maybe this isn’t on Petersen, maybe he’s just ill suited for the pressure of D-I kicking.  Maybe this is on Whit and the staff for being far too laisser-faire about finding kickers.  But whatever is going on, we have to have an answer.

Last season, we’re headed to the Pac-12 title game and probably the Holiday Bowl if only for a kicker.  Last night we have a missed FG and PAT.  This cannot happen.  If we stay the course, the kicking game is going to cost us something again this year.

I don’t have the final answer on this.  Some guy in a chatroom said that the Aussie kid can kick.  I don’t know if that is true, if it is, I hope there is some practice going on starting today.  Maybe Mr. Sellwood can handle all the duties.  Maybe it’s time for a real come to Jesus talk with Mr. Peterson?  Maybe I don’t have a clue.

I know this, if this gets ignored, somewhere down the road it’s going to kill us.