Utah Utes Football: Preview and Prediction For Washington St.


Editors Note:  I started a preview and prediction for each Utah game and then got away from it after a series of holidays.  Here are links to the previous eight and the preview and prediction for Washington St.

In case you missed them:
Game One: Utah Vs Northern Colorado August 30, 2012
Game Two: Utah at Utah St. September 7, 2012
Game Three: Utah vs BYU September 15, 2012
Game Four: Utah at Arizona St. September 22, 2012
Game Five: Utah vs USC October 4, 2012
Game Six: Utah at UCLA October 13, 2012
Game Seven: Utah at Oregon St. October 20, 2012
Game Eight: Utah vs Washington St. October 27, 2012

Those of you who have been following know I have the 8-0 at this point.

Washington St.

Washington St. is located in Pullman, WA which is 90 past where civilization ends and that is only if you consider Spokane, WA civilization.  Why on earth anyone goes to school at Wazzu puzzles me.  I get that back in the day the drinking age in Idaho was 18.  But that hasn’t been true in nearly 30 years so how that school stays afloat puzzles me.

Although it’s hard to hate on Washington St. too much.  Their fans actually leave games at half time to walk down the street to a bar.  And if the game is good they come back.  I attended a game in a student section where a girl was openly holding a bottle of rum.  The usher simply told her to please cover that up.  How can you hate that.

It’s as if Wazzu fans actually act the way BYU fans claim Utah fans do.

But On To The Game

I think everyone is going to like what The Pirate is going to do on the Palouse.  He’ll make Wazzu all the Wazzu they can be.  But this season will be hard because they actually don’t have a defense.  In fact I’m not even sure Leach will put one on the field.  It would be a waste of everyones time and take time away from his offense.

On the offensive side of the ball, they are not without talent.  Marquess Wilson is a stud and they have arms to get him the ball.  Essentially Wazzu is going to be hoping for shootout’s, lots of shootouts.

Sadly I don’t think he gets one there.  I think Kyle will be on guard as we nearly got got last season up in Pullman.  Leach’s style of offense generally takes two years to get installed and I think they’ll be a bit turnover prone all season long.

And I think turnovers will kill them against Utah.  Along with great big doses of John White IV.  Utah will pounce early and never let up.  A late score or two by Wazzu making it look slightly better than it was.

Utah 45 Washington St. 24