College Football Playoff What If: The 2006 Boise St. Broncos


Editors Note: With the announcement of a deal on the college football playoff, we’re going back and looking at all of the BCS Busters and seeing which of them would have made the Playoffs.

Previous What If’s:

University of Utah 2004

The Playoff Contenders for the 2006 Season:

12-0 Ohio State

12-0 Boise St.

11-1 Florida

11-1 Michigan

11-1 Louisville

11-2 Oklahoma

11-2 Wake Forrest

10-2 Notre Dame

10-2 USC

How It Likely Would Have Shaken Out: Ohio St., Florida and Michigan would have all been locks, probably in that order.  Florida had one loss at Auburn and Michigan only lost to Ohio St.  Louisville lost by three to a good Rutgers team.  Oklahoma lost that controversial game in Eugene and to Texas.  USC had a bad loss to Oregon St. (who Boise clubbed).  Wake lost to two good teams but both at home.

As much as I’d like to say that Boise gets in, Louisville probably has a better case.  But the great wild card out there would be 10-2 Notre Dame.  Does anyone out there really think that if Notre Dame ever gets close to this thing they won’t be invited.  I’ll go cynical here and say the #4 slot goes to Notre Dame.  Boise still heads to the Fiesta Bowl and Stoops still chokes on a giant chicken bone.

Who would have won?  Ohio St. clubs Notre Dame and Florida beats Michigan.  Florida still beats Ohio St., giving Urban Meyer his first national title.

Side note, I don’t think there was a chance in hell Boise beats Ohio St. and Florida to win it all.  I didn’t say it yesterday but I think they’re have been a much better chance of that 2004 Utah team winning it all if they’d gotten the chance.

Monday, the 2007 Hawaii Rainbows (yeah I’d kinda forgotten they’d done this too.  Imagine how hard it is to be a BYU fan, as much as you think of yourselves, Hawaii broke the BCS before you)