A College Football Playoff Has Arrived… But Here Is What I Wonder?


Yes, a college football playoff has arrived and there is much joy throughout the land.  By the time you read this you’ll have read tons of analysis on what will happen. Come 2014 an SEC team will not have to beat just one but two other SEC teams in order to be declared champion (HAHA sort of).  But as a fan of a team who is new to one of the in conferences, my mind and instincts go to, what about the little guy?

Maybe I shouldn’t care anymore as we’re not a little guy and we actually start collecting some of that Pac-12 money next season.  But part of me wonders, if this system had existed, what would have happened in each of the BCS buster seasons.  And what does the future hold for schools in the have not conferences?

We’ll tackle one a day and today we’ll start with the original BCS Busters the 2004 University of Utah Utes.

The contenders for the four spots would have been: 11-0 USC, 12-0 Oklahoma, 12-0 Auburn, 11-0 Utah, 10-1 Texas, 10-2 Va Tech, 9-2 Michigan.

The top three spots are pretty clear in this one, 1. USC, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Auburn and the debate would come down to an 11-0 Utah winner of the MWC or 10-1 Texas whose only loss was to #2 Oklahoma.  I suppose I could carry one some sort of debate here to make this column longer but why.  We all know what would have happened.  Texas would have been selected.

As for the games themselves, Texas would have lost to USC, and Auburn would have beaten Oklahoma.  In fact I think because of  this season is why they passed the SEC teams are guaranteed to play for the BCS Championship rule.  USC dominates Auburn and still has to vacate a national title.

In the meantime, Utah is still probably relegated to curb-stomping Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl.

Tomorrow, the 2006 Boise St. Broncos.