College Football: Utah Utes 2016 Mid-Season Review

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As you can see, it’s been quite some time since this lovely site has been updated consistently with Utah Utes coverage. The good news is that is changing!


Real quick (since I haven’t said anything yet): My name is James Buckley and i’ve been brought on to be the expert of Hoyo’s Revenge. It’ll be a process, but I believe this site will become one of the best sources for Ute material out there.


Now.  To the real reason you’re here: Utah Utes coverage! We’re smack in the middle of football season, and the Utes have performed decently up to this point. Through 7 games their record is 6-1, and they currently sit at #19 in the AP Poll.


Now, I know there are 12 games in the regular college football season. But considering the Utes are bowl-eligible already, they’ll have at least 13 games, which means 7 games is just BARELY over halfway. The math works.


Quick note: I KNOW the Utes have injuries. Lots and lots of injuries. There have been enough significant injuries that I decided to leave them out altogether and put them all in detail in a different post coming soon. I didn’t forget, I promise.


Lets jump right into what has happened for the Utes up to this point. (There is a bit more of a focus on the conference games we’ve had so far, as winning the Pac-12 is the main objective at the moment for this Utes team)


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