Sporting News Coach Rankings, Go Home You’re Drunk


Nov 9, 2013; Madison, WI, USA; Brigham Young Cougars head coach Bronco Mendenhall answers questions during the post game press conference following the game against the Wisconsin Badgers at Camp Randall Stadium. Wisconsin won 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So Sporting News came out last week and ranked all of the FBS coaches.  Of course Nick Saban is ranked number one because it’s required by law I think that Nick Saban is always ranked first.

The focus in Utah I’m sure was that Bronco was ranked 23rd while Kyle was ranked 62nd.  I mean all a sports radio host has to do in order not to work for that day is to put that out there and let the idiots start screaming.

But I thought it was interesting to make some comparisons across the list.

  • Bronco Mendenhall 23
  • Kyle Whittingham 62
  • Matt Wells 100
  • Gary Anderson 27
  • Will Muschamp 48
  • Kirk Ferentz 51
  • Will Muschamp 48
  • Gary Patterson 29
  • Bryan Harsin 56

Oh where to start.

First I get that Sporting News has to fill pages, but seriously do they look at anything?

Gary Patterson has losing records in both season in the Big 12, went 4-8 last year and ranks 33 spots ahead of Kyle.  Bryan Harsin went 7-5 at Arkansas State so yeah I can see how that gets you ranked ahead of Kyle.  Ferentz is 64-56 in the Big 12 and hasn’t been to a BCS bowl for nearly as long as Utah.  Now I’m not sold Matt Wells is awesome, but are there 99 coaches better than him.

And none of that points out that Bronco is ranked ahead of two coaches who beat him last year and one who has beaten them four straight times.

Would it really be that hard to put a couple of interns on research who could point this kind of stuff out to you.

When you’re a sports news outlet with resources of Sporting News, is it really so hard to put just a little bit of work?