Utah Pres. Pershing Creates Utah Man Committee


Dec 10, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes fans react during the first half against the Idaho State Bengals at Jon M. Huntsman Center. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

University of Utah President David Pershing has created a committee to review and possibly modify the lyrics to Utah Man.  It looks like this is a slow news day nationally as the AP report of our little fight song debate has been picked up across the country.

Now those of you who follow this blog know that I offered a compromise on this very topic that seemed to get a lot of positive feedback on Twitter.  If you haven’t read the full compromise follow that link to check it out.  If you’re lazy, here are the bullet points.

The U should change the coed line.  One person suggested Our Scholars Are the Brightest, which seems pretty good.  The U should keep the word Man, and issue a statement acknowledging the term’s problems, linking it to extending the meaning of Man to all people in various historical documents.  Then say because of tradition, (and the song is Utah’s only longstanding tradition) we’re keeping Man.

That compromise gives everyone something, keeps the integrity of the song and solves the problem.

If you like this, or if you want to offer any opinons at all, your feedback can be heard at fightsong@utah.edu.

And if I can make two suggestions.

  1. Be respectful.  If you don’t want this change, the fastest way to cause it is to call up ranting about political correctness whiners and so on.  It makes the people who want change seem like they have a much better case.
  2. A moronic Salt Lake sports radio guy suggested calling the President’s office.  Don’t.  President Pershing isn’t going to speak to you.  You come off like a crazy person and you make some poor administrative assistant’s life, who didn’t sign on for this crazy, hell.

Whatever your thoughts on the topic, try to rise above those who simply hope want you to freak out in hopes of getting more listeners.