Utah Utes Basketball: Namon Wright Update


A few days ago we linked a story from the fine folks over at Torn By Sports, telling you that Utah largely pulled Princeton Onwas scholarship instead of say Marko Kovacevic or someone else, in an effort to recruit Namon Wright.  Namon, you’ll recall is a star guard out of Southern California who signed an National Letter of Intent (NLI) to play at Missouri.  That was before their coach Frank Haith, departed for Missouri.  Now there is some movement on that front in the form of this tweet from @dn3524:

"Namon Wright will meet with CKA but is asking out of his LOI regardless, per PM. He will consider #Mizzou but I am guessing he is gone"

In our previous article, you learned that Namon Wright went to school with our own Brandon Taylor and in addition likely knows Dakari Tucker pretty well.  If Wright is going to get out of his letter of intent, Utah coaches will likely move quickly in an attempt to sign him.  Of course so will many other schools.  Also if we sign him, another player, I’m guessing Marko Kovacevic, will likely depart.

Hoyo’s Revenge will keep you updated as thinks progress.