Try Not To Say Stupid Things About Jim Boylen Jazz Fans


Jan 17, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Jim Boylen gives direction to his team during the second half against the Portland Trail Blazers at AT&T Center. The Blazers won 109-100. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

So I’m wandering around Twitter today and what do I see tweeted into my timeline

"talked w/ a longtime NBA guy that said there is no way you can sell Jim Boylen to the Jazz fanbase. He said they will riot if he’s hired."

That tweet came from the illustrious Jason Shepard who works at KSL.  Now mind you, I have been blocked by Jason Shepard, as have most people who have common sense.  Jason likes to tweet stupid things he makes up and then when people point out he is stupid and made up whatever nonsense he tweeted, he blocks you.  This has all the hallmarks of something Jason Shepard makes up.

  1. Jason has something he wishes were true.
  2. Jason makes up that an expert who won’t be identified agrees with his point of view exactly.
  3. Jason tweets this to make Jason feel like Jason is smart.

Now Jason isn’t the only one guilty of this.  Seems more that a few Jazz fans have been taking this point of view.  This just allows Jason to try to make himself seem extra relevant.

(Of course I’m writing an entire blog post about it so maybe I’m the real idiot here)

However, every single Jazz fan needs to shut up about the, “we’ll riot if Jim Boylen is named head coach nonsense.”

You won’t, an any NBA guy who knows his ass from a hole in the wall knows you won’t.

The Jazz are going to have a very high draft pick this year.  You’re telling the world that you wouldn’t go watch Jabari Parker or Julius Randle play because Jim Boylen is the coach?  If you’re saying that, you’re a liar too, just like Jason Shepard.

If Jim Boylen is hired as head coach of the Jazz, his tenure will come down to one thing, if Dennis Lindsey gets him enough players to win basketball games.  Because even bad coaches in the NBA full of dysfunction, like Mark Jackson at Golden State, win games if they have good players.  Just like Ty Corbin wasn’t winning with the group he had no matter what kind of coach he was.

And if Jim Boylen wins game with the Jazz, you’ll all come out in droves.

None of that mentions that the rest of Shep’s tweets, if you care to read them, want to act like somehow Jim Boylen isn’t deserving of an NBA job.  His NBA resume is pretty impeccable and no less than probably the best coach with the best organization in the league saw fit to make him their top assistant.  On top of that you look at Indiana, who was cruising with Jim Boylen and Roy Hibbard who was an all-star, essentially collapsed when Boylen left.

Any actual NBA person would and does look at this and say, yeah this is a solid hire.

So Jason Shepard stop making shit up.  And Jazz fans, stop pretending like you’ll do anything more than whine on line and maybe boo over this.  Because all that matters is winning.  If that happens, you’ll all suddenly act like you were totally in favor of this.