Former BYU QB Jake Heaps To Transfer Again… Or Not


"Sep 21, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks quarterback Jake Heaps (9) drops back to pass against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in the first half at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports…a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing"

So who would have thought the tale of a 17 year old committing to BYU in a bar and the first person he thanked was his PR person, might not work out so very well.

When our tale, The Legend of Jake Heaps began, BYU folks were all in a lather about landing the guy who was ranked as the best prep QB in the nation.  The idiot originally telling the tale was, BYU Propaganda Minister Deseret News columnist Dick Harmon.  Harmon followed the exploits of Heaps so closely one had to wonder if gay marriage had been briefly legalized a few years earlier if perhaps Dick would have proposed to Jake.  Oh the talk of Heismans and National Titles were in full effect.

And then to keep with the Shakespeare theme, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.

It seems that while if there was a professional 7 on 7 league, Jake Heaps would be a Hall Of Famer, but when he wasn’t surrounded by all the best players, Jake would freak out.  I saw BYU fans on Twitter calling him Captain Checkdown.

I happened to live in Washington State at the time and his senior year, Jake Heaps’ team played a Spokane team for the state championship.  And on the broadcast I heard an unusual fact.  Jake Heaps parents dropped over $100K on private QB tutoring for the kid.  After talking to a few more people, I found out that there was a minority view on Jake that because of all of this tutoring, there was no more upside to Jake.  When he was surrounded by all the best players, like on his high school team, that fact would begin to rear it’s ugly head.

His history against Utah was quite dubious.  Utah began it’s current four wins in a row streak by beating Jake in this manner…

and I’m pretty sure any love any BYU fans had for Heaps ended right here

After that Heaps was replaced with the ever gritty Riley Nelson and it was off to Kansas.  This time the idiot telling his tale would be Charlie


Weis.  At this point, you’re all shocked to find out that Heaps going to an even worse offensive team than BYU wouldn’t help Heaps.  Now I never watched him play at Kansas but I can only assume he became, Captain Checkdownier while in Lawrence.

There are now competing rumors about Mr. Heaps.  Yesterday the rumor surfaced that Jake would try to take his talents to yet another school to track down that elusive Heisman.  Then there is this one from today that says Jake is still on the team.

Heaps likely will sit if he stays at Kansas and if he transfers he will have to go to an FCS school such as Eastern Washington or Weber St. or if he is graduating, he could transfer somewhere that would have him and play immediately.  A place that would do that is probably somewhere like New Mexico.

No matter what, The Legend of Jake Heaps looks like it will end up being a tale told by more than a few idiots (HEY, no comments on the author of this article) and it will signify nothing.