Utah Utes Athletics: Facilities Answers


Feb 6, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes forward Jordan Loveridge (21) goes to the basket during the second half against the Washington Huskies at Jon M. Huntsman Center. Utah won 78-69. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

The Spring Game wasn’t good just for seeing some football before the long dreary march until fall.  An interview with Chris Hill gave some nice updates on where we stand in terms of Utah Utes Athletics facilities upgrades.

And first, I don’t know why the U doesn’t just put this information out.  It’s things fans want to know and there is now strategic advantage to keeping them quiet.  Far too often our athletic department has a close the ranks mentality, which maybe I got before social media, but now you can put your own story out.  Why did we have to wait for a Pac-12 Network interview to find out?

In any event here is what we know.

The Basketball Practice Facility promised to Rick Majerus and Ray Giacolletti and Jim Boylen, will break ground on May 5th. As I understand it, the facility will be ready for the 2015-16 basketball season.

Thank God too.  No longer does our basketball team have to practice on the same floor I played intramurals on.

A side not about those floors, think about how many Utah seasons were killed because of a back problem.  Tim Frost, Chris Burgess, Jay Watkins.  I really have to think playing on those shitty floors was what did it.

The new Softball facility will be done soon as well.  That should help a great deal as women’s softball seems to be followed decently at some Pac-12 schools.

Of course the football facility just opened last fall.  Plus what I call a, “lipstick on a pig renovation” of the JMHC is underway.

However, the Good Doctor did say that in terms of major facilities that Utah is done for awhile or at least, “in a holding pattern.”  That means that any serious work on the JMHC or stadium expansion isn’t coming any time soon.  I suspect that also means a new Natatorium for the swim team isn’t coming anytime soon.

My dream for a new basketball facility is clearly non-existent.

Maybe those aren’t the answers we want, but at least we know where we stand now.