Utah Utes Football Spring Game 2014: Quick Thoughts


Nov 30, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes running back Kelvin York (13) runs the ball in front of quarterback Adam Schulz (12) during the second half against the Colorado Buffaloes at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Utah won 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Ok admittedly two hours after the game isn’t exactly quick, but I had to talk to the family.  It’s how it goes.

The Utah Utes Spring Game 2014 told us a few things and this is what I thought it said.

As a lot of other people are saying, the running backs just absolutely stand out.  Devontae Booker is a star and Troy McCormick will be one with the way he can run and catch the ball.

Second, we have real talent and depth at all the skill positions.  Dres and Scott didn’t play today and Clay won’t be here until June so this group will only get better.  But they can officially do stuff.

Micah Thomas in the wildcat, ME LIKEY.

As for the defense and offensive lines, it’s hard to glean much of anything.  The O-line sat their best players and neither side played with their regular group, which makes a great bit of difference.  So I’d call those, incomplete.

The Quarterbacks…

I’ve read some odd stuff about this that I don’t get.  Travis didn’t have an amazing day, but he also was not horrible.

Solid day.  I’ve read some bizarre stuff about Adam Schulz and his great big arm and I’m amazed.  Broken clocks are right twice a day too, but I don’t go telling time with them.

I continue to be a Conner Manning fan.  The kid just moves the team and doesn’t make mistakes.  It ain’t sexy but it will work in a pinch.

And Brandon Cox now intrigues me.  He can do a lot of things that are hard to defend.  He did have the two red zone picks.  I felt the first wasn’t the best decision but it got to the receivers hands and our guys have to do better and not letting those get tipped away.  As for the second, I’ll watch it again but I think the receiver didn’t run the correct route.  If he broke in like Cox thought he would, it’s likely a touchdown, but he broke back to the corner making it look like Cox threw a bad ball.

None of that discussion includes Mr. Kendal Thompson.

In essence, I’m down right giddy over what is happening on offense.  I thought the pace was excellent and we were doing a lot of good things, even if it didn’t all work.  It’s the best QB group in a long time and outside of the real great QB’s, are as good as we’ve ever had at Utah.

There is still work to be done, but I think we have to be happy with how the spring went.