Utah Utes Football: Gionni Paul out 5-6 months


That’s right, 5-6 months.

For a broken foot.

Yeah it seems the compound fracture of Kevin Ware and Gionni Paul’s foot will take the same amount of time to heal.

I would love to what the hell happened to that foot, but the U uses a bizzare and frankly wrong interpretation of HIPPA and doesn’t talk about this stuff.

So we’ll be left to wonder.  I’ll speak to the Hoyo’s Revenge Medical Expert and get some educated speculation.


Ben Wilson from KFAN just tweeted that the injury is a lisfranc fracture, which is REALLY nasty and explains the time table.  Matt Schaub and Maurice Jones-Drew both suffered this injury.

This explains a lisfranc fracture.

That news is no bueno to say the least.