Utah Utes Football: Gionni Paul Injured… AND HYSTERIA ENSUES


Oct. 6, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Miami Hurricanes linebacker Eddie Johnson (44), linebacker Denzel Perryman (52) and linebacker Gionni Paul (36) pray before the game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Soldier Field. Notre Dame won 41-3. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

So the Utes got some not so great news today when it was announced that Gionni Paul broke his foot.

Now you never want anyone to get injured, but as injuries go this one isn’t a killer.  According to the Hoyo’s Revenge Medical Expert, unless something really strange happened, they’ll likely insert a pin to stabilize the injury and recovery time will be something like eight weeks.

(And just so you know, this is the same medical expert who helped me repeatedly explain what was likely going on with Travis Wilson and why if you listened to me you knew it was more likely than not Travis would return.  As opposed to other Ute experts, one of whom called me a liar, said his inside source knew Travis would never return and they were just waiting for spring to break the news.  Then he never apologized and went on acting like he knew all along.  Not that I’m bitter)

So if you were one of the Ute fans who were freaking out and bemoaning our bad luck, settle down.

But I get why you freaked out, because it was like the Utah Sports Radio guys were practically GLEEFUL in reporting this news and the quote of, “there is NO time table for his return.”  Instead of doing something simple like this dumb ass blogger knew to do, ASK SOMEONE WHO MIGHT KNOW HOW LONG A FOOT FRACTURE TAKES TO HEAL.

Monty, who has taken to the Utah Sports Radio dynamic like a duck to water, well you could practically feel his erection as he was able to tweet this news.

So please, stop letting these fools play you like this.  It’s all they have and without the BYU game this year, they have less opportunity to not have to work, so their use of FREAK OUT PORN, will be at an all time high.

Just give them the mocking that you deserve.