Utah Utes Football: QB’s Since Scott Mitchell


Oct 26, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA USC Trojans defensive tackle Antwaun Woods (99) sacks Utah Utes quarterback Travis Wilson (7) during first quarter action at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

So after the scrimmage last Friday I was having some pleasant thoughts about the Utah QB situation.  As you kids know by now, Travis Wilson was absolutely excellent and young Mr. Conner Manning looked very good, probably moving past Adam Schulz on the depth chart.  Even Brandon Cox, while looking uneven, certainly showed moments.  And all of that doesn’t bring up the Wyoming transfer Jason Thompson, who had a nice bit at the end of the scrimmage.

Even further, none of that considers the arrival of Sirs Kendal Thompson and Donovan Isom.

In short, the Utah QB situation has moved from dire, to EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

To illustrate things, I thought I’d present a list of QB’s who saw serious time for Utah Football since Scott Mitchell.

  • 1990: Mike Richmond, Jason Woods
  • 1991: Frank Dolce
  • 1992: Frank Dole, Mike McCoy
  • 1993: Mike McCoy
  • 1994: Mike McCoy
  • 1995: Mike Fouts, Brandon Jones
  • 1996: Mike Fouts
  • 1997: Jonathon Crosswhite, Darnell Arceneaux
  • 1998: Jonathon Crosswhite, Darnell Arceneaux
  • 1999: Darnell Arceneaux, TD Crowshaw
  • 2000: Darnell Arceneaux, Lance Rice, TD Crowshaw
  • 2001: Lance Rice
  • 2002: Brett Elliott, Lance Rice
  • 2003: Alex Smith, Brett Elliott
  • 2004: Alex Smith
  • 2005: Brian Johnson, Brett Ratliff
  • 2006: Brett Ratliff
  • 2007: Brian Johnson, Tommy Grady
  • 2008: Brian Johnson
  • 2009: Terrence Cain, Jordan Wynn
  • 2010: Jordan Wynn, Terrence Cain
  • 2011: Jon Hays, Jordan Wynn
  • 2012: Travis Wilson, Jon Hays, Jordan Wynn
  • 2013: Travis Wilson, Adam Schulz

We’ll look at this list a bit more in the coming days, just thought it would be fun to remind you kids of some of the illustrious names who have taken snaps for the Utes.