Utah Utes Football: Big Scrimmage Today


Well it’s finally here, the first true scrimmage.

And I think everyone knows what we’ll be looking to see.

The QB situation is the first thing.  Kyle has said he hopes for some separation there.  I’m hoping that Connor Manning can establish himself as the number two as I think that would be the best thing moving forward.

Next, the offensive line.  I think we’d all like to see a cohesive unit working together.  It sounds like the new O-line coach and offensive system have those guys communicating a lot more.  Combine that to moving Poutasi inside to a position he’s probably more suited for, hopefully will pay dividends.

Finally, it will be nice to see if what seems to be happening is true, that our linebacker and defensive back units will be true Pac-12 level units and if we have once again found untapped skill on the D-Line.

There will be plenty of practice reports and I’ll be here this afternoon to help make some sense of all of it.