Utah Utes Basketball: A Couple of Thoughts


Feb 13, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA Utah Utes coach Larry Krystkowiak reacts in the second half against the Southern California Trojans at Galen Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are a couple of random things rolling around in my head about Utah hoops.

First, considering how much Utah has spent paying buyouts over the last decade for Utah hoops coaches, I was shocked at how much backlash I got for suggesting the extension was too big for not having taken us to the NCAA’s or finished in the top half of the conference.  I know we were close to the latter, but we didn’t get there.

I’m in favor of rewarding actual performance.

Things do look really bright.  But ask BYU fans from the early 90’s how those dreams can turn out.  They’re the ones with the remnants of a Final Four in 1994 stickers left on their mini-van bumpers.

I’ll go ahead and throw out a scenario where things might not be so awesome.

"Delon Wright injured in fall practice, out for the year.  Because of his age he turns pro and never plays again for Utah.  One of our big recruits, say one who hypothetically missed his state basketball tournament for smoking weed, decides to follow the Marshall Henderson path and also doesn’t play here.  Tommy Connor takes the Utah St. job in a year when Stew steps down and it turns out there is a reason Isaiah Wright was only offered by WCC schools not named Gonzaga."

Now that tale probably keeps us out of the NCAA’s for the next two years.  And we now have a coach, who has never been to the NCAA’s signed to three more years.

Just Sayin…

My second thought is something my good friend Jeff brought up on twitter.  Follow him @jdartute as he is the most passionate and reasonable of Ute fans.

In any event, he said the following on twitter.

"Krystkowiak has been Utah’s coach 3 years and most are very happy with the trend, yet I still read bad mouthing of Boylen and GIac dailyI will never understand the insecurity of many internet Utah fans who think belittling the past helps build up the current. Let it go“Larry seems to have us trending well and his recruits look great. Getting over late game mistakes and we’ll be good. Boylen and Giac suck”The day I see a message board compliment to Larry without Boylen’s name in the thread will be a great day for our fan base.Have a meeting with my boss today. If he compliments or criticizes me, I’m going to talk trash about the guy I replaced to look better #Utes"

He couldn’t be more right.  Larry has done a lot of good, certainly enough to stand on his own record.  He’s also a big boy, and can handle criticism.  This season was positive, but the continual late game and road issues were a massive problem.  And considering it’s a multi-year problem, that should be a huge red flag.  It’s ok to say that.  And no, screaming Giac and Boylen suck and Larry only won six games his first year isn’t a real response.

I actually made a point of never being the one to bring up previous coaches.  But any criticism of Larry from me is met with, you just hate Larry and love Boylen.

How about we just talk about the merits of our current basketball coach.

I can do it, how about you?