Oh the Dog Days of Utes Sports…


Mar 31, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Bernie Brewer carries Hank the Brewer dog during before game against the Atlanta Braves of an opening day baseball game at Miller Park. The Milwaukee Brewers adopted the dog during spring training. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

So we’re entering that period where it’s hard to find a crap ton to write about.  (I guess that’s why I’m writing about not having anything to write about)

The football team is still in Spring Practice for a few more weeks.  But we’ve entered that period where the excitement of getting back out there has worn off and since there isn’t a game to look forward to for five months, well Spring Ball isn’t as charming as it once was.  So if anyone is going to report that a particular practice was good or awful, well take that with a grain of salt.

Only the scrimmage coming on Friday and the spring game have any real implications.

We’re also waiting to see what the final hoops roster will look like.  With the edition of Chris Reyes, we know there will be one player departing.  Larry and staff are still recruiting and hoping to land one more player.  So, we’re waiting to see what the final compilation of next years roster will be.

Gymnastics heads to regionals this week and then to the national championships in a few weeks.  But really what is there to cover running up to the meets.

And Utah still has baseball as I understand it.

In short, there are about four or five good stories left to write until fall football camp rolls in.  So if there is something you’d like to see covered, hit me up on the twitter at @MacatHoyos or @hoyosrevenge.  Chances are, I’ll do something with it.

Oh and just so were clear for any of you who didn’t catch on, the Larry to Cal article was an April Fools Day joke.

Thanks for playing.