Utah Utes Basketball: Delon Wright Is Returning, but Should He?


Feb 23, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes guard Delon Wright (55) prepares to shoot a free throw during the second half against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Jon M. Huntsman Center. Utah won 86-63. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend Utah Basketball got some good news after the bed crapping at St. Mary’s, Delon Wright is returning for his senior season.

Now this is exceptional news for the Utes.  If we actually do have shooting help coming and members of our incoming class can stay out of trouble, the Utes could be in a very good position.

But is it the best decision for Delon?  Should he have taken some more time on this?

I’m going to say maybe and here is why.  (and don’t come screaming, I’m just being devils advocate here)

Let me start by pointing out that Delon is projected in the later first round by Draft Express.

First I’m not entirely sold that Delon gets wildly better.  He’s turning 22 in April and will be 23 when the NBA draft rolls around.  People say he needs a shot, but if he was going to get one wouldn’t he have one by now?  Also if he was going to get vastly stronger in the off-season, couldn’t he do that in preparation for the draft and the NBA next fall?

Next what does another year for the Utes do for him?  For Utah to take a serious step, we need other people to step up and make shots, not more of Delon.  So, isn’t it entirely possible, Delon doesn’t show that he’s better, his stats slide a bit and he ends up in the second round instead of guaranteed money and roster spot of the first round?

Third I don’t think the Larry offense really does Delon a lot of favors.  A friend calls it, the equal opportunity offense and what it’s really doing is taking the ball from our best player.  With two top 100 recruits and a name JC coming, it’s unlikely this situation gets better for Delon.

So what Delon’s case is, that he’s hoping to develop A LOT of strength and a shot when he’s 22, not 18 weighed against the idea that there is a big chance that next year at Utah won’t help him.

If I’m Delon, I certainly take more time than he has to consider those outcomes.

But I’m a Ute fan and the fact that he’s returning is very good news and the Utes will be a much better team for it.