NCAA Tournament: A Few Teams To Root For Today


The NCAA Tournament is something I look forward to every year.  But I wanted to do something to make it a bit more interesting for you kids.

I thought I’d make a pitch to give you kids a rooting interest in a few games you may not care about.

Dayton Flyers- First, let me say they’re coached by Sean Miller’s brother which would make most of you hate them more.  But don’t forget they’re playing, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  And seriously can’t Ohio St. pretty much suck it except for Urban Meyer.  They’re like a cold weather SEC school and lord knows they’d never lower themselves to play Dayton.  SO GO FLYERS.

St. Joe’s Hawks- Two things here. First I think UCONN, their first round opponent is an easy team to hate.  But more importantly, St. Joe’s mascot does this thing where it never stops flapping it’s wings.  And that’s so annoying it’s awesome.

Saint Louis- I think a lot of Ute fans probably have a soft spot for Saint Louis because Rick Majerus and Alex Jensen coached there.  It would be kind of cool for the Billikens to make an NCAA run.  In fact if you have to pick one team on the first day to follow just because, well I recommend SLU.

Hope this gives you a few teams that can make today a bit more interesting and fun.