Utah Utes Basketball: Chris Reyes and The Future of Jordan Loveridge


Feb 19, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes forward Jordan Loveridge (21) moves the ball while being defended by Arizona Wildcats forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (23) during the second half at Jon M. Huntsman Center. Arizona Wildcats won the game in overtime 67-63. Mandatory Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago there seemed to be what was a puzzling signing by Utah Basketball.  The Utes signed a 6-7 forward named Chris Reyes.  This was puzzling to me because Utah already has Jordan Loveridge and is bringing in two top 100 guys of similar size and position in Brekott Chapman and Kyle Kuzma.

My thought process is, this guy is averaging 18 and 12 and 50% from three.  Reyes would have options and isn’t coming to Utah because he was told he could be a backup.

Adding Reyes, there would be a log jam of minutes in that 3-4 position, so losing Tucker or Fields wouldn’t exactly help the situation.

Then I was chatting with a friend over the continuing disappearing act of Jordan Loveridge and wondered if I stumbled onto something.  Or maybe everyone sees it and I’m the last guy to notice.

Is Reyes coming to get starters minutes and Loveridge will be moving to the bench next season to back up the three and four positions?

First, I can here a few of you wanting to argue about Jordan.  Let me give example of what I speak of.

You can start with what another blogger, Grant Bagby wrote just today.

Then lets look at some stats.

Loveridge’s PPG were up but he either stayed the same or fell in all other categories.  Particularly concerning are his field goal percentage, just 42%, and his three point percentage, just under 30% while shooting nearly five treys a game.

Further in six Pac-12 games he shot under 30%.  That number moves to eleven if you count Pac-12 games under 40%.

So you see stats like that and wonder if the coaches aren’t thinking, if we’re going to make a big leap in the Pac-12 we have to put scorers on the floor and that isn’t Jordan Loveridge.  But if you back his minutes off by about 10-15 a game, he would be an excellent sub to have at the three and four positions.

I’m sure some will argue but I don’t see how else you get the minutes at those position when you have three guys coming all of whom have been promised serious time.

Just a thought.