It’s Time To End Court/Field Storming


That video was from last nights Utah Valley University v New Mexico State game.  Utah Valley fans rushed the court after the game was over.  And then a brawl ensued.  There are other videos of the brawl out there that I’m sure most of you have seen.  I like this one because it shows something interesting.  If you watch the lower right side, you’ll see a Utah Valley fan shove a New Mexico St. player.  It was not the player who threw the ball.  It was just some fan looking to cause problems.

A week ago, the University of San Diego beat Gonzaga for the first time in a decade.  As the players rushed the court, several fans used it as an opportunity to shove David Stockton.  Stockton didn’t react but if he had the scene would have been just as ugly.

Security had to surround Arizona as Cal fans rushed the court.

I’ll admit to having a bias on this subject.  I think court/field storming should be reserved for when you get into the BCS and not when you’ve beaten BYU for the 3rd straight year.  But I also get that kids are kids and I’m not just standing here shouting get off my lawn.

But much in the same way that professional championships have become cue the riots for major cities, it seems that these court stormings aren’t just about celebrating but about some idiot taking a opportunity to do something stupid.

We’ve seen issues develop at the end of Utah BYU games.  A BYU player shoving people.  One of our own idiots, suspenders guy, running up to Bronco.  Bronco decided to confront him. If that Utah fan doesn’t turn around that probably gets pretty ugly.

(and for the record I’m not defending Suspenders Guy, he was an idiot and the reason he turned was because he’s a coward.  But Bronco was equally stupid upping the stakes in that confrontation)

Look, I wish this could be simple.  I wish that fans could just rush and celebrate and let the other guys get the hell off the floor/field.  But that isn’t the society we live in anymore.  It’s never enough to celebrate, you have to taunt.  And I’ve been guilty of it too.

But this court/field storming is a danger waiting to happen.  Sadly it’s always the idiots who ruin the fun for the rest of us.

But it’s time has come and gone.