Utes Crush ASU…


In hindsight I suppose I should have seen this coming.  This is after all a Herb Sendek coached Arizona St. team.  Don’t forget this is the team that managed to get blown out by Utah in the first season.

Then you add in things like Renan Lenz scoring and well, there’s your blow out.

The thing is, this was on ESPN U, which I don’t have and my illegal sites was being glitchy so I didn’t see a ton of the game.  It sounds like Utah played great, Arizona St. took the night off and that was that.

I’ll look at the stats, try to see if I can watch the game somewhere else and have some more thoughts tomorrow.  The one thing I would do is to caution putting too much meaning onto this game.  It’s fun to have but it doesn’t mean we’re going to sweep the road trip to the Bay Area.

But we beat Arizona St. and that’s always a good thing.

Today was a good day, there was no use of an AK.