Utah v Arizona: What????


Feb 19, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes guard/forward Princeton Onwas (3) fouls Arizona Wildcats guard Nick Johnson (13) while trying to block Johnson

I don’t even know what to say.  On one hand, I didn’t really expect us to win and kind of thought it was over when were down 9 at the half and 12 in the second half.

And then we come back.

And then… Well I don’t even know what then.

I’ll just go with two thoughts right now.

  1. Jordan Loveridge, I realize that part of what happened tonight was Arizona’s doing.  But your disappearing act at bad times and big games have to stop.  They have to.
  2. Brandon Taylor. Wow son, that can’t ever happen ever ever ever.  Holy crap.

Combine those two things with whatever the hell happened between Bachynski and Wright and well, it sure as hell feels like a gut punch right now.  I mean this shitting the bed when the chips are down, we’re five games left in the season and it’s no better.  In fact this was worse it seems.

Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.  The sun’ll come up right?