Utah Basketball Coaching History Thoughts


There is something interesting about basketball coaches at the University of Utah.  They seem to never leave on good terms.  This sort of occurred to me when a couple of people were actually telling me that Larry Krystkowiak won’t be long for the Utah program if he continues being successful.  According to the people who talked to me, and I have no idea how much they know, Larry wants to return to the NBA as a head coach as soon as possible.  One also said that his wife doesn’t like Salt Lake and wants to live in a real city (their words, not mine).

Again, I have no idea if that is true, it was just a jumping off point for this topic.

Going back to Jack Gardner, maybe only Bill Foster left by choice, and it sure looks like he wanted to get the hell out.  And I would get why, following Gardner here was nearly like following Wooden at UCLA.

And that seems remarkable for a program that has had as much success as ours, including 1700 wins, 4 Final Fours and a National Title.

I don’t know the exact Jack Gardner story, but I’ve been told he was forced out by several people and no one tells me it ends well.  Then Bill Foster goes three and out and along comes Jerry Pimm.

I’ve always thought Pimm is a fascinating part of Utah’s history.  The guy had four Sweet Sixteens in eight years and another tourney birth.  Yet somehow he had a serious feud with the athletic department and leaves for UC Santa Barbara.  Plus people have told crazy stories about forcing him out because of his personal life.  I’m not exactly sure what that could have been but its hard to believe that happened.

Then Utah hires Lynn Archibald who had been fired by Idaho St.  Then Utah fires Lynn Archibald.

Next comes Rick Majerus and we all know how that ended.

Then we hire Ray Giacolletti and Jim Boylen.  Both are fired two years after winning championships.

So it seems if Larry Krystkowiak does get his supposed wish, he’ll be pretty unique in Utah basketball, leaving under his terms.

(as a side note, I’m sure the job would go to Tommy Connor and I think that would be a great choice)