Utah Football: Taylor Stubblefield New WR Coach


I suppose I should have seen this coming.

According to Footballscoop.com Utah is about to hire Taylor Stubblefield as a new Wide Receiver Coach.  If you want to learn more about Taylor, follow this link, or this link from Wake Forest.  I don’t know much about Stubblefield other than what you can read there.  It’s clear from that Wake Forest picture he is a snappy dresser.

So what does this mean for Utah?

Multiple sources are reporting that Aaron Roderick will move to Quarterbacks Coach, a position he held at Southern Utah.

On the surface, I like this hire a great deal and it makes sense.  In losing Brian Johnson, we lost a young African American coach who was making great inroads into the south, especially Louisiana.  It only makes sense that Kyle would want to find someone to fill that roll.

Further, it should really bring a breath of fresh air to our offense, provided someone can stay healthy this coming season.  Next season we’ll have a new OC, O-Line Coach, WR Coach and Dennis Erickson has been here one season.

While I was and will remain a Brian Johnson fan, this certainly feels like Utah comes out of the hiring season a stronger coaching staff than they went into it.

Now we wait for Spring Ball.