Utah Football: The Saga of DJ Law


Everyone knows this story by now.

DJ Law a talented running back from Florida was wanted by a bunch of schools.  And it came down to Ole Miss and Utah.  And then both schools claimed they got letters of intent from the kid.

If you want the broad strokes on the story, here is the USA today account written by an Ole Miss beat reporter, just so you have context.

Here is what we know from the Utah side of things.  Whatever was or wasn’t sent to Ole Miss at around 8AM, it’s clear from video evidence on Bay News 9 that DJ Law clearly intended to sign with Utah.  Further Utah Compliance had all day, from the time DJ’s claimed letter to Ole Miss until 2:36 Mountain time, when Utah announced his signing, to investigate the situation and be safe to say that they are confident that DJ will be a Ute.

I’ll just point out one thing.  People keep talking about whomever got the LOI confirmed first is going to be the legally binding one here.  Unless one thing happened, and that is called FRAUD.  I’ll leave that laying right there.

Now we have a story this morning on a blog of DJ’s mother saying he’s confused and that she has never spoken to Utah.

Which must be nonsense. Allegedly.

Somehow she is going to pitch the story that her son did sign to the school she wants him to go to and that she has literally never spoken to anyone from Utah ever?  Uhh Yeah Right.  Allegedly

I won’t go into what I think happened just yet, but if you follow me @macathoyos you know.  Allegedly. I’ll just say that if DJ qualifies, and people at Utah think that is likely, then he’ll be a Ute.

And when we know more, I’ll write more.