Sep 14, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes fans during the first half against the Oregon State Beavers at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Thank Goodness for the Utah State Legislature.

If not for their honesty and foresight, a small business owner such as Greg Miller may have been made homeless.

In case you don’t know of what I speak, a legislative audit has found the University of Utah is unfairly competing with private enterprise with the Red Zone stores where Ute fans were buying officially licensed Utes merchandise.  This audit was initiated by Greg Miller, the millionaire owner of the Utah Jazz, heir to the Larry H. Miller car empire and owner of the piss poor FANZZ stores.

So thank God the Utah legislature intervened to protect this guy or GOD KNOWS what may have happened.

It’s funny, the legislature has been pulling support from the U for decades, the U does something to earn money on it’s own and the legislature says no you can’t do that.  In the same audit, it seems the are also offended by weddings in the Rice Eccles Stadium tower.  So I guess they showed us.

But don’t we all also know what is at work here?  And it has everything to do with BYU.

Utah joining the Pac-12 has sent BYU into a tailspin.  And a bunch of old white men who Rose and Shouted as young men when Utah was but a skid mark on BYU’s schedule.  Now that things have flipped, it seems they can’t handle it to the point that they are willing to attack the flagship university of their own state.

As I type those words, I can hear BYU folks sprinting to their computers with their feigned innocence as if that could never happen and they are shocked, SHOCKED that I would make such an unfounded accusation.

And then they’ll demand proof. (I guess I’m getting old when I know exactly how they’ll behave once this posts).

But come on, we’re not dumb.  Why on earth would a state legislature shut down a money making enterprise from one of their own state universities? Especially a state that keeps a tightly controlled monopoly on liquor sales, when the private sector could clearly do it better and cheaper.  There is clearly something else at work.

We’ve seen for 30 years now, the legislature declare war on the University of Utah in a variety of way because it has the audacity to not behave exactly like BYU.  I guess if we were smart we’d behave like Utah State and kiss BYU’s ass in every way possible.

Instead, closing the Red Zone stores is their only way for old white men to lash out at Utah winning football games.  Plus they get to help a rich guy who will donate to their campaigns and help them keep their petty graft and corruption rolling.

Frankly this entire episode represents pretty much everything that is wrong with the state of Utah.

I’ll end my rant there.  I hope doing this helps them feel better about drowning in our wake.