We’re Sorry Booed Baby


January 28, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; A young fan awaits the arrival of Sacramento Kings point guard Jimmer Fredette (not in photo), a former BYU player, prior to a game between the Utah Jazz and the Sacramento Kings at EnergySolutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure so many of you today have come here to discuss last nights near miss against Oregon.

Well I can’t… I just can’t.  Not when there is a baby out there whose life has been destroyed by such a despicable act.

Last night at the Jazz v Bucks game at Energy Solutions Arena, thousands of drunk BYU hating Ute fans skipped the Utah basketball game and found the opportunity they were looking for.

The booed a baby wearing BYU clothing.

I hate myself and our fanbase for perpetrating such a crime against humanity itself as destroying the life of a baby by booing it.

Oh sure some of you might laugh this off as good natured fun… to you I say…


Aren’t you aware those parents will be forced to remind that baby in front of all other Y fans for the rest of it’s life that it was booed by angry drunk Utah fans.  It’s as if you Utah people have marked that child with a SCARLET B for the rest of it’s life.


So in hopes of starting some healing, I’ve written a song to the booed baby, written to the tune of Shaggy’s classic, Wasn’t Me. (dear youngins, if you haven’t heard this song please follow this link)

Booed Baby

Ute fans drinkin’ and caught red handed
Booing a Y Baby
Picture this, a gang of vile Ute fans hatin on something tiny

You shouldn’t grant a Ute fan access to the liquor
Drunk and Angry while Baby clings to a pillow
You better watch your back before Ute fan turns into a killer
Best for all the Cougar fans to call sports radio
Unlike Ute fans the Y is all about class
To a Y fan, booing baby is like breakin’ plate glass
Y fan never admit to booing a prayer
Mormon girls make good au pair

Baby booed in the arena (Booed Baby)
Saw him booed outside (Booed Baby)
Even booed him in the shower (Booed Baby)
Booing was caught on camera (Booed Baby)

Ute fans drinkin’ and caught red handed
Booing a Y Baby
Picture this, a gang of vile Ute fans hatin on something tiny

All of us at Hoyo’s Revenge are deeply sorry that this baby’s life was destroyed by this random and senseless act of booing and hope this song goes a little way to healing this very open wound.