So Pac-12 Football… Wow


Dec 3, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Steve Sarkisian (center) poses with Southern California Trojans president C.L. Max Nikias (left) and athletic director Pat Haden at a press conference to announce his hiring as football coach at John McKay Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last night I was greeted with a bunch of Boise fans joyously taunting me because their coached loved his family and the city of Boise.  He was going to once again spurn an offer from a real school with actual academics for the Blue Turf.  My suggestion that this simply made him a coward.

Then we wake up this morning to find out, maybe Boise isn’t so awesome and Seattle with a lot of money and a chance to coach in the best conference in the nation would be super cool.

So Chris Petersen, welcome to the Pac-12.

And when you look across this conference, wow…

Mike Leach, Mike Reilly, Mark Helfrich, David Shaw, Sonny Dykes, Steve Sarkisian, Jim Mora, Todd Graham, Rich Rodriguez, Kyle Whittingham and  Mike MacIntyre.  Hell the worst of those guys are pretty well thought of.

And now Chris Petersen.

So what are some initial impressions.

1. This has to be the first time Oregon’s ass has puckered in a long time.

2. Washington traded Steve Sarkisian for Chris Petersen. That is impressive.

3. Chris Petersen is in the north and not at USC, a great thing for Utah.

This now doubt makes Utah’s mission just a little bit harder.  Washington looks like they’ve straightened out some internal issues that had been plaguing the school.  And if things are going right, they have the money and resources to compete with anyone.  I think my feelings are summed up by the great words of Owen Wilson from the movie Armegeddon…

"I’ve got that excited, scared feeling, like 98% excited, 2 % scared. Or maybe is more like 98% scared, 2 % excited. But that’s what makes it so intense.  I’m so confused, I keep trying to figure it out."