RIP Todd Christiansen


I just wanted to take a few moments and bid farewell to one of the more unique guys to emerge from the Utah-BYU rivalry.

Now I don’t really remember Todd Christiansen playing at BYU, I do remember my dad hating him.  My dad was a Wyoming fan so if you were involved with BYU, it was likely that he hated you.  Todd also played for the Raiders.  Now I grew up a Wyoming fan and Bronco fan and became a Utah fan so you can guess how I felt about Todd Christiansen as well.  Then when Todd became an analyst for the NFL on NBC, it seemed like he did the Bronco games every damn week.

Much of my ability to swear as a kid was honed yelling swear words with my dad at Todd Christiansen during Bronco games.  On more than one occasion he openly cheered the Raiders sacking John Elway.

Todd went on to do games for The Mtn.  And honestly there he grew on me a little more.  He had a wonderful vocabulary and some unique views and guys like that tend to grow on me.

Mr. Christensen bugged me in A LOT of ways.  But by every account he was a very good person and well liked by a lot of people.  And quite frankly the world would be a better place and certainly more entertaining place with more guys like Todd Christensen around.  They make it better and brighter.

So Thank You Todd for bugging the crap out of me for all those years and my condolences to his friends and family.