Utah v Arizona St.: GAMEDAY


Oct 3, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes fans cheering on Utah

Now that we’re all done thumping our chests after kicking the crap our of a Special Olympics team in basketball, it’s time to turn our attention to football.

Today is a tall order for the Utes.

Arizona St. is rolling and Utah really needs this win, or their margin for error becomes zero.

It’s pretty clear what the Utes need to do.  They have to keep the ASU offense off the field and score points while they are doing it.  Arizona St. is going to get some yards, we need them kicking field goals and not scoring touchdowns.  We also need them to turn the ball over while holding on ourselves.

The plan is clear… Can we execute it? Much more difficult answer.

And if they haven’t been totally honest about Wilson’s hand, well this game is over before it starts.

So here is to Utah figuring out how to slow down Will Sutton and making Taylor Kelly look not so very good.

And let’s hope Travis is healthy and the Utes can run the ball some, because that all needs to happen.

I’ll be back with halftime thoughts and postgame provided it doesn’t run too close to the Arizona-UCLA start time because I’ll be at that game.  And I’ll be back tomorrow with deeper thoughts.

Thanks for reading…